Building Planning and Drawing
Building Planning and Drawing

Tags: Building Planning and Drawing, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, S.S Bhavikatti, M.V. Chitawadagi

Building Planning and Drawing

The book deals with planning of buildings keeping in view good ventilation, thermal comfort, and acoustic requirements apart from satisfying minimum standards and rules and regulations of local authorities, economy and future expansions are also taken care of in the building planning. Drawings are made to give clear details of the buildings. The book explains detail in making building drawings with the aid of computer. This book covers the requirement of Building Planning and Drawing course of diploma as well as degree courses. The practising engineers will also find it as an excellent reference book. To understand the commands of AutoCAD and use them, the sequential procedure and steps involved while drawing plan, elevation and section are stored as screen captures and collection of these screen shots are placed in a CD which is enclosed with this book.
1. Introduction  
2. Types of Buildings Based on Occupancy 
3. Types of Residential Buildings  
4. Basic Concepts of Building Elements 
5. Methods of Construction  
6. Cost-effective Building Techniques in Construction 
7. Construction Management Techniques  
8. Site Selection for Residential Buildings  
9. Influence of Climate on Building Planning 
10. Orientation of Building
11. Principles of Building Planning 
12. Building by-Laws
13. Planning of Residential Buildings
14. Planning of Public Buildings
15. Building Services
16. Building Drawing
17. Computer Aided Building Drawing
18. Typical Drawings
19. Appendix

  • Gives a detailed account in planning of various buildings, including computer-aided drawing. 
  • Illustrates the permission drawing showing plan, elevation, section, and site plan. 
  • Has specific chapters on important aspects like orientation and by-laws. 
  • Provides list of symbols and AutoCAD commands with screenshots in the appendix. Also includes a CD with screenshots within the AUTOCAD environment."
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