Current Trends in Medicinal Botany
Current Trends in Medicinal Botany

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Current Trends in Medicinal Botany

Man has been using plants for healing purposes since time immemorial. All ancient civilizations have referred to medicinal plants, but the knowledge on medicinal plants has accumulated fast over the last few centuries. In the past few decades, plant scientists and chemists have put in a great deal of interest and efforts to identify the active ingredients of traditional or folk herbal medicines as therapeutic agents. This book is an attempt to bring together the diverse research trends currently operative in the field of medicinal botany all over the globe. This book elucidates the varied facets of the current medicinal plant research. Beginning with the core study of distribution patterns of medicinal plants, it covers the wide range of chemical evaluation of their therapeutic properties, unravels the impact of environmental stresses on medicinal plants and their active ingredients, and highlights the modern investigations aiming at molecular authentication and quality assessment of medicinal plants, in vitro propagation of these plants for enhanced production of bioactive metabolites, and the metabolomic approach for metabolic fingerprinting and identification of new active compounds. This book must prove to be a great source of information on recent research trends in medicinal botany and phytochemistry, catering to the need of students and researches keen on medicinal plants and stimulating a general interest for the study of medicinal plants with a proper understanding of the associated cultural, environmental and scientific scenario, as they cannot be studied, evaluated and utilized fully and properly in isolation, and need to be looked at in a global perspective.
1. Traditional herbal therapy in the kashmir himalaya 
2. Medicinal plants of tehsil spiti of himachal pradesh and their therapeutic utility 
3. Status of the medicinal and aromatic plant research in albania
4. Scientific evaluation of traditional herbal treatment for diabetes in jordan 
5. Potential botanicals for the treatment of breast cancer: pharmaceuticals approaches used to increase the absorption of herbal drugs 
6. Biodiversity, bioprospecting, IPR and benefit sharing with stakeholders in the 21st century India
7. Herbal medicines interactions 
8. Pharmacognostical evaluation of plant drugs with special emphasis on chromatography: adhatoda vasica leaves 
9. Role of mineral nutrients and plant growth regulators in cultivation of some essential oil-bearing medicinal plants 
10. Response of tansy to environmental degradation 
11. Therapeutic utility of malaysian rice 
12. Microbial transformation of phenyl propanoid compounds to vanillin 
13. Cyanobacteria: a rich source of novel biomolecules for drug discovery 
14. Tissue culture technology in conservation and propagation of medicinal plants 
15. Amplified fragment length polymorphism: a useful and versatile technique for medicinal plant research 
16. Molecular biology techniques for authentication of medicinal plants 
17. Medicinal plant metabolomes: converging botany and chemistry into health opportunity 18. Peptides: an emerging source of drugs/medicines 
19. Use of radiomutagenesis for obtaining alkaloid-rich plant mutants
  • A compilation of 19 chapters, the book reflects the diverse research trends in the area of medicinal botany. 
  • It broadly covers various aspects of the current medicinal plants, ranging from its distribution patterns to identification of new active compounds.  
  • Four-colour photographs have been included appropriately. 
  • The chapters are contributed by 52 eminent researchers and academicians from across the globe.


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