Data Science and Machine Learning with Python
Data Science and Machine Learning with Python

Tags: Data Science, Machine Learning

Data Science and Machine Learning with Python

Data science is the science of handling large amounts of fast-coming raw data, cleaning, validating, and storing it in a way so that it can be analysed in a timely manner. It is a science which helps in interpreting big data and making valuable decisions. Data science combines various tools, algorithms, machine learning principles, visualization techniques and understanding of business rules to discover hidden patterns from the raw data and helps in making better decisions for the organization. Data science includes multiple disciplines: statistics and related branches of mathematics, data mining, machine learning, analytics processes, business knowledge and high-performance scientific programming.

This book is intended for the first course in Data Science and Machine Learning and covers the required topics in sufficient depth to meet the requirements of the readers.


  • Well-organized exercises & graphical illustrations.
  • Case studies of the application of Data Science and Machine Learning in various areas.
  • Problems to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • All the programs are developed using Python programming language in a lucid way.


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