Engineering Economics, Estimation And Costing
Engineering Economics, Estimation And Costing

Tags: Engineering Economics Estimation And Costing, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Seema Singh, Madhuri Kumari

Engineering Economics, Estimation And Costing

Engineering Economics is essential for civil engineers to understand the importance and fundamentals of estimation and costing for measuring quantities of construction materials using traditional methods involved in the projects/works.
This book is very exhaustive and covers a wide range of topics of public sector economics, monetary, economics, economics, public finance, managerial economics engineering economics, and a brief account of Indian economy. It further covers estimation, measurement of various work items of construction projects and costs. Detailed specifications of different structures, details of rate analysis, tenders, bids and various Acts, compensations, and arbitrations about construction projects are described in a structure form. 
As a civil engineer it is very important to have good understanding of estimation and costing of a construction project. The syllabus is very exhaustive and covers a wide range of topics. The book can also be used as a textbook for students of Construction Management, Infrastructural Engineering/ management courses of Economics in MBA. All nine modules of the AICTE syllabus have been mapped into eight chapters of this book. The ninth modules (one lecture) of the AICTE syllabus that deals with workers has been incorporated into chapter 2 which also deals with labour and labour market.
1. Introduction to Basic Principles of Economics                    
2. More on Economic Issues                   
3. Managerial Economics                    
4. Indian Economy
5. Estimation Measurements for various items 
6. Specifications 
7. Rate Analysis                                                           
8. Tender


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