Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering defines soil properties and strength, as well as the mechanics of soil and rocks. It involves other important earth materials like snow, clay, slit and sand. 
This discipline focuses on the use of scientific methods and engineering principles to interpret the characteristics of the ground to determine suitability for building and construction. 
This book serve as a textbook for undergraduate students in Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Engineering Geology. It is written in line with the model syllabus prescribed by All India Council for Technical Education. The book will be equally useful to candidates appearing for competitive examinations and for practising engineers.

1. Introduction to Soil Mechanics
 2. Basic Soil Properties
 3. Plasticity Characteristics of Soil
 4. Classification of Soil
 5. Permeability and Seepage
 6. Effective Stress Principle
 7. Compaction of Soil
 8. Stresses in Soil
 9. Consolidation of Soil
 10. Shear Strength of Soil
 11. Stability of Slopes
 12. Introduction to Soil Exploration
 Practical Work

• Theory and concepts are explained briefly with
  relevant illustrations and figures .
• Variety of numerical problems from previous
  university and competitive examinations are worked
  out with explanation      
• Mathematical treatment is reduced omitting many
• Practice problems are given with answers and hints.
• Review theory questions are given at the end of
  each chapter. 
• Multiple-choice questions with answers and hints
  are given for every chapter. 
  (useful for GATE, IES and other competitive 


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