INVESTMENTS: Art or Science
INVESTMENTS: Art or Science

Tags: INVESTMENTS: Art or Science

INVESTMENTS: Art or Science

It is a comprehensive volume covering almost the entire gamut of investments – right from the fundamental concepts of investments to the complexities of derivatives and the commodities markets. It covers a variety of investment options with simplified tables thus, providing a useful guide for making good investment decisions. The fundamental considerations for any investor are: safety, liquidity and returns. For the conservative investor, guidance is provided on debt market and, for an adventuresome there is guidance on stock and commodity markets. Clues for risk management are also given.
Discussion on individual/ family risks versus available investment options, highlights and appropriately helps varied types of investors to check out as to what way one should ascertain suitable kind of investment options amongst the many available in the market.
Topics such as fundamental and technical analyses are an added advantage to gain insight. Chapters on “Commodity Markets” and “Foreign Exchange Market” along with regulatory guidelines under FEMA are worth reading to understand the importance of these powerful investment segments — usually not explored by common investors.
This book is recommended for anyone who wants to secure his financial future, as it covers not only investment planning for oneself, but also for future generations through successive planning and testamentary dispositions.
  1. What Investment is all about?   
  2. Environmental and Regulatory aspects related to Investments  
  3. Structure of Markets in India 
  4. Approaches to Investment decision making
  5. Spectrum (Various Choices) of Investment Avenues for Investors
  6. Concept of Value and Return (Measuring Investment Returns)
  7. Risk and Return (Trade-off)- Measuring Total Risk
  8. Fundamental Analysis - (Macroeconomic view analysis)
  9. Industry Analysis
  10. Company Analysis
  11. Technical Analysis
  12. Efficient Market Theory
  13. Behavioral Finance
  14. Analysis of Fixed Income Avenues
  15. An overview of Indian Securities Market
  16. Valuation of Equity Shares (Capital Market Theory)
  17. Commodity Market
  18. Real Estate Market
  19. Foreign Exchange Market
  20. Financial Derivatives Market
  21. Portfolio Management
  22. Mutual Fund
  23. Insurance Planning
  24. Retirement Planning
  25. Estate Planning (Succession through Registered Will)
  26. Tax Aspects relating to Investment
  27. FEMA guidelines relating to Investment in India
  28. Common Errors in Investment Management
  29. Guidelines for Investments
  30. Presentation of the Investment financial Plan
  31. Research in Investments
  32. Six Sigma approach for different Investments Models
  • Fundamental concepts of investments to the complexities of derivatives and the commodities markets
  • Understanding of investments and diagnosis of various symptoms of an investor as well as varied investments
  • Includes psychological approaches of investor thinking.
  • Guidance on debt market, and guidance on stock and commodity markets.
  • Clues on risk management.


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