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Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a hot topic nowadays in both the industry world and information research world. In our daily life, we deal with huge amount of data and information. Data and information is not knowledge until we know how to dig the value out of it. This is the reason we need knowledge management.
Because of this ever growing importance of managing knowledge, knowledge management as a subject has got a place in management education, technical education and even people from corporate exploring this complex area. The book presents knowledge management from historical, economical, technical and cultural perspectives and develops a working vocabulary in the field. The book has been designed and developed to meet the demand of management students and corporate executives.
  • Introduction to Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Organization
  • Knowledge Worker
  • Knowledge Management System Life Cycle (KMSLC)
  • Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Architecture
  • Knowledge Capturing Techniques
  • Knowledge Capturing Techniques
  • Capturing Tacit Knowledge
  • Global Dimension to Knowledge Management
  • Environment Scanning and KM
  • Technology & Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Mapping – A Strategy Entry Point to KM
  • Futuristic Knowledge Management Knowledge Audit and Analysis
  • Index
  • Explains the subject matter from historical, economical, technical, and cultural perspectives.
  • Each chapter is preceded with learning objectives and includes keywords, question for discussion, exercises, group & individual assignments, and internet exercises.
  • Includes a balance of behavioural and IT perspectives, keeping organizational learning at the centre stage.
  • Provides important cases for each topic.


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