Materials of Construction
Materials of Construction

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Materials of Construction

Materials of construction is an important subject for Civil Engineering students. This subject is taught to the students of Diploma in Civil Engineering in two courses. The author has already brought out a book prescribed in Materials of Construction-I and this is to cover the portion prescribed in materials of construction-II.
The book is divided in six chapters, namely, (1) Cement, (2) Coarse and Fine Aggregates, (3) Mortar, (4) Cement Concrete, (5) Paints, Varnish and Distemper, (6) Miscellaneous and Modern Building Materials.
At the end of each chapter, summary’, a set of fill-in-the-blanks type and descriptive type questions with answers are given. To enhance the ability of the students to answer semester end examination five model question papers are also given.

(1) Cement
(2) Coarse and Fine Aggregates
(3) Mortar
(4) Cement Concrete
(5) Paints, Varnish and Distemper
(6) Miscellaneous and Modern Building Materials

  • Spread into six chapters, it covers all the prescribed topics in Materials of Construction-II curriculum of the diploma-level courses.
  • The text is amply illustrated with diagrams.
  • Contains multiple choice questions with answers at the end of the book followed by five model question papers of previous examinations.
  • Each chapter ends with a summary, fill in the blanks (with answers) along with a few descriptive questions.


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