Matrix Method of Structural Analysis - Element Approach
Matrix Method of Structural Analysis - Element Approach

Tags: Matrix Method of Structural Analysis, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Mamata B Mogali, S.S Bhavikatti

Matrix Method of Structural Analysis - Element Approach

"The structural analysis deals with the determination of the response of the structure subjected to loads. The rapid development of computers and the need for complex and lightweight structures led to the development of the matrix method of structural analysis. The readers of this book should be familiar with consistent deformation and slope deflection methods of structural analysis. The systematic development of these methods to suit computer applications gave rise to Matrix Method of Structural Analysis. The development of consistent deformation method led to Flexibility Matrix Method, while the development of slope deflection method led to Stiffness Matrix Method. The book deals with the subject in four chapters starting from the Introduction; Flexibility Matrix Method: Element Approach; Stiffness Matrix Method: Element Approach; and Computer Programming Preliminaries. One Appendix Matrix Algebra Review is also given at the end of the book. This book will be a useful reading for students of civil engineering. "
"1. Introduction
2. Flexibility Matrix Method: Element Approach
3. Stiffness Matrix Method: Element Approach
4. Computer Programming Preliminaries
 Appendix: Matrix Algebra Review
Index "


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