Objective Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Forestry
Objective Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Forestry

Tags: Objective Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Forestry, Agriculture & Horticulture, V. K. Khanna

Objective Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Forestry

The second edition of Objective Genetics, Biochemistry and Forestry is an up-to-date version in which many new questions have been added along with those on related topics, such as Natural Selection, Genetics and Evolution, General Genetics, Plant Breeding, Microscopy, Cell Division, Mendelism, DNA Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Forestry, and Tissue Culture, etc. This book has been designed to assess the candidate’s understanding of the subject. It is perhaps for the first time where questions have four to six choice statements, which are to be understood to find the right answer. One has to think and remember what he has learnt to be able to answer the questions. In most of the competitive examinations such as Agriculture Research Services of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, NET, State Eligibility Test and Civil Services Examination, etc. Objective type questions are asked. Also, the entrance test for admission to many universities are totally objective.

1. General
2. Natural Selection, Genetics and Evolution
3. General Genetics
4. Microscopy
5. Cell and Cell Structure
6. Cell Division
7. Mendelism
8. Sex Determination and Sex Linkage
9. Extranuclear Inheritance
10. Quantitative Genetics
11. Cytology and Cytogenetics
12. Linkage and Recombination
13. Chromosomal Aberrations
14. Genetics of Bacteria and Bacteriophages
15. Gene Mutations 16. Genetic Material (DNA and RNA)
17. Genetics of Development and Behaviour
18. Population Genetics
19. Tissue Culture
20. DNA Biotechnology
21. Genetics of Cancer and Immunology
22. Biochemistry
23. Forestry "

  • Divided in 3 sections, the first section includes the multiple-choice questions based on 23 categories, followed by the answers to those questions (second section). The third section includes the appendices.
  • Appendices include glossaries on genetics, tissue culture, biotechnology, biochemistry, and forestry. A brief note about Nobel Prize, list of Nobel Laureates, state Agricultural Universities in India, merits and awards given by ICAR, etc.
  • Over 3200 questions have been given in the book.


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