Optimization Techniques
Optimization Techniques

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Optimization Techniques

Optimization Techniques is designed for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students of various universities offering the course in optimization techniques and operations research. The book contains applications of optimization techniques, classical optimization techniques, formulation of linear programming problems, solution by graphical and simplex method of linear programming problems, artificial techniques: Big method, Two-Phase method, duality of linear programming problem, sensitivity analysis, assignment and transportation problems, sequencing problems, project scheduling : CPM and PERT, dynamic programming problem, travelling salesmen problem, non-linear programming (constrained and unconstrained search techniques).
  • Introduction to Optimization Techniques
  • Classical Optimization Techniques
  • Linear Programming Problem (Formulation)
  • Linear Programming Problem (Graphical)
  • Simplex & Revised Simplex Method
  • Duality in Linear Programming
  • Post Optimality Analysis or Sensitivity Analysis
  • Transportation Problems
  • Assignment Problems
  • Sequencing Problem
  • Project Scheduling
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Non-Linear Programming
  • Index
  • This book discusses all the important optimization techniques between its covers.
  • It focuses on illustrating the concepts through examples, without sacrificing the basic algorithmic and theoretical underpinnings.
  • Formulations of the various types of problems have been given due emphasis.
  • Includes solved examples and exercises with examples in each chapter.


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