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Organizational Psychology

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Organizational Psychology

This book presents theoretical background, comprehensive literature review, interviews, case studies, and lot of application exercises on all major topics of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The main objective of the book is to help students to acquire knowledge and skills, which they would apply in organizations during their professional careers.

It covers all major topics such as human resource planning, employee recruitment and selection, training and development, employee engagement and organizational commitment, organizational culture, motivation and job satisfaction, work-life balance, leadership and group dynamics, performance management, employee counseling. The coverage of research methods and statistical techniques is a major highlight of the book. The book is up-to-date in terms of cited references and list of suggested readings and captures all recent researches in this area. This book is targeted at the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Psychology and Management. It will be also useful to researchers, practitioners and academics in I/O Psychology.

Advance praises for the book:
 “The book on 'Industrial & Organizational Psychology' authored by Professor (Dr) H.L.Kaila will bridge the gap of long-felt need for students and researchers in the area. It is singularly different from the other academic publications of the area with its distinct focus on applied aspects with updated review of recent researches and studies in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. It will be extremely helpful for students and members of academic community. The examples will enrich readers to apply the learned concepts in practice.
” –Dr Abhijit Gangopadhyay, Formerly Professor & Head, Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

“In his book, Dr Kaila has cared much to include the theoretical concepts, researches, case studies and applications of organizational psychology which are of much interest and use to not only the students who would study this subject matter in much depth, but also to the practicing managers in organizations. The content coverage is quite wider than the books available currently. The best aspect about this book is ‘the research cases based on Indian organizations’ included in every chapter of this text book which is very useful for students.
” –Professor Jitendra Mohan, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Panjab University, Chandigarh

"Dr. Kaila in this book on Industrial/organizational psychology has adopted a very practical approach to make theoretical concepts easy to understand through case studies in Indian perspective. The book written by Dr. Kaila keeping in mind the students is actually also very useful for HR practitioners and anyone having interest in and keen to know all about Industry, Management, Organisation and its psychology. The topics are comprehensive, relevant and generate interest. An Interesting read indeed!
", – Anil Kaushik, Management Expert & Chief Editor ‘Business Manager’ - HR Magazine, Alwar (Rajasthan).

1. An Introduction to Industrial Organizational Psychology
2. Research Methods
3. Human Resource Planning Human Resource Management
4. Employee Recruitment and Selection
5. Training and Development
6. Employee Engagement and Organizational Commitment
7. Organizational Culture and Performance
8. Motivation and Job Satisfaction
9. Work-Life Balance
10. Safety at Workplace
11. Leadership and Group Dynamics
12. Performance Management
13. Employee Counselling
14. Statistical Techniques
  • The introductory chapter covers the evolution of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology as a discipline and gives a foundational prologue.
  • Each chapter contains an interesting "opening story" which sets the tone of the chapter subsequently.
  • All chapters contain margin notes annotated as "good to know" features, which will help the students to get a quick reference for the accompanying material.
  • Each chapter has well laid out exercises for classroom discussion, practice, undertaking projects and surveys and so on.


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