Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Tags: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management endeavours to provide concepts, text and cases for a course on Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, which is widely taught in the business schools around the world. It is consciously planned to help students to acquire knowledge, develop analytical skills and gain insights pertaining to how a fund manager strikes winning strategies for investment by using time-tested, validated and proven techniques which ranges from fundamental analysis to mundane mathematical models. The book is divided in four broad parts.

  • Part One describes the global investment scenario, major investment decisions, and the dynamics of the securities markets.
  • Part Two deals with the critical aspects of risk and return culminating in Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).
  • Part Three discusses the most important analysis in investment decisions, wherein good mathematical models are factored in and applied to live conditions through building up case analysis.
  • Part Four deals with the exotic instruments of derivatives and its applications, where cutting-edge research around the globe is going on. The book is designed to meet the expectations of common investors as well as hard core professionals (fund managers) in putting the precious resources at risk for higher returns. New in this edition: The following chapters are added to make the book more result oriented, contemporary, focused and comprehensive.
  • Dynamics of the Indian economy
  • Fundamental Analysis: Valuation of companies
  • Performance of mutual fund in India
  • Sub-prime crisis and securitization
  • Private equity
  • Introduction to Investment
  • Investment Global Scenario
  • Securities Markets
  • Financial Assets and Investment Opportunities
  • Risk and Returns
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Dynamics of Indian Economy
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Valuation of Companies
  • Industry Analysis
  • Company Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Performance of Mutual Funds in India
  • Sub-Prime Crisis and Securitisation
  • Private Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Case Study: Value at Risk
  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Case Study: Study of Selected Commodity Derivatives
  • Corporate Governance and SEBI Guidelines
  • Index
  • This revised edition adds more result-oriented, contemporary, focused and comprehensive chapters which include Dynamics of Indian economy, Fundamental analysis, Performance of mutual funds in India, Sub-prime crises and securitization, and Private equity.
  • Real-life case studies have been used to supplement the theory.
  • The book has a fairly good coverage of derivatives as well - both financial as well as commodity.
  • Includes end-of-the-chapter review questions.


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