Surveying and Levelling
Surveying and Levelling

Tags: Surveying and Levelling, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, S.S Bhavikatti

Surveying and Levelling

This book is meant for the first course on Surveying and Levelling of most of the universities. It covers all basic methods of surveying and levelling, applications of surveying and levelling, calculation of areas and volumes of earth work involved in the field work. Minor instruments used in the field are also explained. The author has taken care to use simple and lucid language and to explain the subject with neat sketches. A number of problems are solved to make the subject clear. Diploma and degree students of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Mining will find this book useful.

2.Errors in Surveying
3.Measurement of Horizontal Distances Using Chain and Tape
4.Chain Surveying
5.Angle and Direction Measurements with Compass
6.Compass Surveying
7.Plane Table Surveying
10.Theodolite Surveying
11.Trigonometric Levelling
12.Permanent Adjustment of Dumpy Level and Theodolite
13.Computation of Areas
14.Computation of Volumes
15.Minor Instruments
Readership: Diploma and degree students of Civil Engineering, Architecture
and Mining will find this book useful

  • Covers all the common methods of surveying and levelling.
  • Includes additional problems and end-of-the-chapter questions with answer 
  • keys in various chapters.
  • Well illustrated with line diagrams. 
  • Covers the minor instruments used in surveying and levelling.


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