The Teardrop Theory: Earth and Its Interiors...Continents on the Move
The Teardrop Theory: Earth and Its Interiors...Continents on the Move

Tags: Earth and Its Interiors, Teardrop Theory, Earthquakes

The Teardrop Theory: Earth and Its Interiors...Continents on the Move

A question many of us have always been asking is ‘where did we come from?’ The question is answered in this book.

In this book — the first in trilogy — we try to understand tectonics; of why lands move over the Earth’s surface and the consequences of these movements — be they volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, or mountain building.  It is explained now for the first time. However, this subject, still in its infancy, had to bridged by three hypotheses; how did the solar system form, how did the Earth happen and, how and when did the Moon come about; all three critical in understanding ‘tectonics’.


';… and let there be earthquakes…'

      1.  An unknown journey

      2.  … but then, there was light!

      3.  A teardrop arrives

      4.  The ';fifth' rock

      5.  The Soup Cauldron

      6.  What changed our minds?

      7.  How does it happen?

      8.  It is happening …

      9.  Why does it happen?


Continents drift while islands scatter

    10.  Early Earth's Life

    11.  When the equator went south

    12.  Asteroids drift in...

    13.  Then Siva struck!


Tectonic Output

    14.  The cradle of civilization

    15.  A Plateau's Legacy to Humanity…

  • It begins with a parody on our journey through science and our knowledge about the Earth and our universe.
  • It puts a closure to the question that Alfred Wegener, the father of tectonics, failed to answer in 1915, and others could do no better for over a hundred years now; as to what is the ';motive force' that moves huge continents and little islands over the Earth's surface.
  • It addresses how and why the continents and lands move over the Earth's surface. When their movements create earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, or simply involve themselves in mountain building or such, we understand how the ';earth system' works.
  • Having figured out the workings of ';plate tectonics', we begin to learn why our earth is unique - neither gas nor rock like the other eight ';lifeless' planets.
  • Tectonics brought a part of Africa to Eurasia to create the Indian peninsula and the Tibetan Plateau, which then gave birth to the six major rivers of Asia that then threw the humanity of the highlands into the lowlands. Having created and spread humanity on to the rice fields of the lowlands, it now helps and maintains the fields along with over half of the world's population. 
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