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About Us

    Techsar a leading Indian academic publisher with 32 years of experience in publishing.

    Our goal as publishers of higher education textbooks & reference books is to serve as a trusted partner for students, educators, and academic institutions in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence. We aim to provide textbooks that are instrumental in facilitating effective teaching and learning experiences, empowering learners to achieve their academic goals.

    Unlock the power of knowledge with TechSar's comprehensive range of books includes Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology, Economics, Finance, Business Management, Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Hotel Management, Food Science & Technology and Medicine.

    Our foremost goal is to ensure that the textbooks we publish are of the highest quality. We strive for accuracy, depth, and comprehensiveness in the content we provide. By collaborating with leading experts in various disciplines, we ensure that our textbooks reflect the latest research, theories, and best practices. We are committed to upholding rigorous editorial standards and rigorous review processes to deliver reliable and authoritative learning resources.

    We aim to make our textbooks relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of students and educators. We constantly monitor trends in higher education and industry advancements to incorporate timely and cutting-edge information into our publications. By staying abreast of the latest developments, we provide textbooks that equip learners with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their academic and professional pursuits. Our textbooks incorporate, case studies, and exercises that encourage active learning, collaboration, and problem-solving skills development.

    We strive to make quality education affordable and accessible. TECHSAR is to offer textbooks at reasonable prices, exploring innovative pricing models, such as digital subscriptions, or open educational resources (OER), to provide cost-effective alternatives for students.

    We are committed to environmental sustainability and minimizing our ecological footprint. Our goal is to adopt eco-friendly practices throughout the publishing process, including responsible sourcing of materials, reducing waste, utilizing digital platforms, and exploring sustainable printing options. By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to contribute positively to the environment and promote a greener future.

    We aim to support the educational journey of students, inspire their curiosity, foster their intellectual growth, and empower them to succeed academically and beyond. We strive to be a reliable and forward-thinking publisher that continuously adapts to the changing landscape of higher education, providing textbooks that meet the needs and aspirations of learners, educators, and academic institutions .

Our Mission
Our Mission

Enriching education by delivering high-quality textbooks that inspire learning and empower success.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Empowering minds, transforming futures through exceptional higher education textbooks.

Our Goals

Cultivating knowledge and academic excellence through exceptional textbooks for higher education

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