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We are leading publishers of books for College students in the fields of Science & Technology which we cater to all the segments of the educational market and needs for colleges, students, teachers and libraries through our textbooks, reference works, monographs and journals. Our broad spectrum of subjects includes Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology, Economics, Finance, Business Management, Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Hotel Management, Food Science & Technology and Medicine.

If you are a subject matter expert in any of these fields and are interested in exploring the possibility of publishing your own book, you must get in touch with us immediately. We encourage and have a very lucid process in place for new authors.

Your proposal and any other material submitted will be reviewed by our in-house personnel and editors, who maintain strict standards of confidentiality.

The Review Process:-
Reviews comprise a very essential editorial task in publishing. We carry out multiple rounds of pre- and post-publication reviews. This is an endeavor to add value to the book during its entire lifecycle.
Once we receive the table of contents and sample chapters, our editors undertake in-house review, where the author’s proposition and content match is evaluated. Thereafter, we share the table of contents and the sample material with our panel of experts. These reviews form the basis of our initial publishing decision. The outcome will be: either we publish the book as it is, or we suggest some changes.
Once both the author and we come to a common understanding, based on the reviews, we will offer you our agreement and will invite the full manuscript. Our editors will go through the entire manuscript, and should there be a need, we might share the full manuscript for review with our panel of experts. Our findings will be shared with you and you will be expected to take the best out of the whole review process to make the book more valuable.
As a part of our constant product enhancement initiative, we carry post-publication reviews and share the feedback with authors for them to revise the book. It also serves an important promotional purpose.
During the entire review process it is imperative to keep a keen watch on the schedules. If the process is likely to get over and give us time to publish and market the book in the immediate publishing window, we will do all to make it happen. If however, the process makes the publication difficult for the immediate publishing window, we will reschedule it for the next window in the interest of publishing a high-quality book.

Manuscript Preparation:-
If you wish to receive our manuscript style guide which explains how your manuscript needs to be prepared and presented, please email us at and we would be happy to provide one to you.

Please fill out our Book Proposal Form as completely and accurate as possible. With our joint efforts, we can do a lot to promote our book to make it one of the bestsellers in the market.

Book Proposal Form

Status of Manuscript
Name of Author(s) / Editor(s) with Affiliation
Please attach your CV and list of publications, if any

Description: The Aims of the Book, its Scope, Approach, Special Features and Merits. In case of New Edition, provide the differences from the previous Edition and Reason(s) for the Revision.

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