A.L. Bhatia

was professor in the University of Rajasthan and Convener, Committee of Courses of Bioinformatics. He was also Head, Department of Zoology, Coordinator, PG Studies in Microbiology and Director, Institute of Informatics and Instrumentation of the University of Rajasthan. He is author of several books in Hindi and English for undergraduate and postgraduate courses which also includes two books awarded by the Government of India. He has to his credit five books on biology in Hindi and English for secondary Education, Rajasthan. He was also awarded Diploma in German language from Goethe Institute, Bonn, Germany in 1989 and was a visitor of several national and international laboratories and worked in Nuclear Research Center Germany for about two years and at Belgium for about one year, respectively. He has a exposure of work in various laboratories like Central Institute for Brain Research, Amsterdam; ECC, Begium, GSF Research Centre for Environmental and Health, Neuherberg ; International Brain Research Organization, USA. He has several scientific achievements and honors to his credit, viz Alexander von Humboldt Award, (Germany, 1989-91); Young Scientist Award, Int. Cong. Radiat. Res (Holland, 1983); Senior Scientist Awards, Int. Cong. Radiat Res. (Australia, 2003); 4th L H Gary Conference- Young Scientist Award, (Oxford, U K, 1988) etc.

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