Ashok Kumar Yadav

Dr. Ashok Kumar Yadav, with a B.Tech. from AKTU Lucknow, an M.Tech., and PhD from JNU New Delhi, India, holds over seven years of combined teaching and research experience. Currently, he is Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology at Rajkiya Engineering College in Azamgarh, India. He served at the University of Delhi as an assistant professor (on ad-hoc). Dr. Yadav's research spans AI, MADM, blockchain technology, machine learning, and mobility management in mobile communication. His impactful contributions include publications in esteemed journals of Elsevier, Springer, World Scientific, and Taylor & Francis, alongside presentations at reputable international conferences. Notably, he co-authored "Mastering Disruptive Technologies" and holds five SCIs, two Scopus publications, and six patents. Actively engaged in academia, he reviews for international journals and contributes to program committees at various conferences.

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