Rajni Gupta

Rajni Gupta teaches in the Department of Botany, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Delhi. She got her M.sc and Ph.D from Agra College, Agra. She did Post Doctoral work in the Department of Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi with Prof. K.G. Mukerji. She has worked in the field of Mycotoxins, Mycoherbicides and VAM fungi. She worked on Association of VAM fungi in lower plants of Uttarakhand. She also worked on phytoremediation of heavy metals present in soil by angiosperms. She has published more than 45 research papers in different national and international journals repute. She has edited "Advances in Microbial Biotechnology", and Taxonomy Past Present and Future. She has authored The Fungi, Microbial Technology, Concise Notes on Biotechnology and Unitext for Freshmen: Biology.

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