A Textbook of Applied Physics, Vol-I
A Textbook of Applied Physics, Vol-I

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A Textbook of Applied Physics, Vol-I

This book is intended to serve as a textbook of applied physics/Physics paper of the undergraduate students of B.E., B.Tech and B.Sc. Exhaustive treatment of topics in optics, mechanics, relativistic mechanics, laser, optical fibres and holography have been included.
Physics is best learnt by conceptualization of the involved principles and to help the students conceptualize the involved principles, the text has been presented in an easy to understand manner.
Large number of solved numericals have been included in the book to give a quantitative idea of the subject.
Exercises and unsolved numericals have been given at the end of each chapter for practice.
The book will also be useful for the students taking various competitive examinations.

Unit I:
1.Interference of light
2.Diffraction of light
Unit II:
3.Polarization of light
4.Optical instruments
Unit III:
6.Fibre optics
Unit IV:
9.Wave motion
Unit V:

  • Includes exhaustive treatment of topics in optics, mechanics, wave motion, relativistic mechanics, laser, optical fibers and holography.
  • Presented in an easy-to-understand manner to help students better conceptualize the principles.
  • Profusely illustrated with diagrams for better understanding of the concepts.
  • Provides a large number of solved numerical problems for developing the skill to solve physics problems.
  • Each chapter includes exercises and unsolved numerical problems for practice.
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