A Textbook of Digital Electronics
A Textbook of Digital Electronics

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A Textbook of Digital Electronics

Digital electronics is an interdisciplinary subject of electronics, electrical, information technology, computer science engineering and sciences domain.
Digital Electronics has been written as per the syllabus of Digital Electronics, Digital Circuits and Logic Design of various universities like PTU, GNDU, PU, SLIET, DU, PEC, NITs and Thapar University.
The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the funda-mental aspects of digital electronics.
It not only explores the theoretical and practical aspects of digital circuitry, but also gives a glimpse of experience and classroom interaction of the authors.
Besides, the step-by-step methods to solve the digital system problems, it also includes the shortcut methods to digital approach for job interviews and competitive examinations.
This book is invaluable for BE, B.Tech., B.Sc., M.Sc. (Computer Science/IT), M.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc. (Electronics), BCA, MCA, PGDCA and PGDIT students.
1.Number Systems and Conversions
2.Arithmetic of Number Systems
3.Binary Codes
4.Introduction to Logic Circuits
5.Logic Families
6.Karnaugh Maps
7.Sequential Logic Circuits
8.Shift Registers
9.Combinational Logic Circuits
10.DA and AD Converters
11.Semiconductor Memories
12.Introduction to Microprocessors
  •  Covers the fundamental aspects of digital electronics with an emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects of digital circuitry.
  •  Discusses binary arithmetic, logic circuits, Karnaugh maps, shift registers, converters and semiconductor memory in great detail.
  •  Gives an introduction to microprocessors.
  •  Provides abundant examples solved in a step-by-step manner and a large number of exercises in each chapter.
  •  The text is well supported with line diagrams of K-maps, logic gates, counters, block diagrams, circuit diagrams and so on.


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