A Textbook of Electrodynamics
A Textbook of Electrodynamics

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A Textbook of Electrodynamics

One of the core subjects in Physics, Electrodynamics is taught to graduate and postgraduate students.
In this book, MKS system has been adopted and tensor algebra is not used, so that the presentation of each topic is at the level of a common student.
After explaining the fundamentals of Mathematics, it discusses the electrostatics, electrostatic field in dielectrics, energy in electrostatic fields, magnetostatics, electromagnetic induction, Maxwell's field equations, dispersion and scattering, electromagnetic waves, waveguides and antennas, retarded systems, principle of relativity, charged particle in fields, plasma state, and waves in fluid plasma.
1.Curvilinear Coordinates
4.Electrostatic Field in Dielectrics
5.Energy in Electrostatic Fields
7.Electromagnetic Induction
8.Maxwell's Field Equations
9.Dispersion and Scattering
10.Electromagnetic Waves
11.Wave-guides and Antennas
12.Principle of Relativity
13.Retarded Systems
14.Charged Particle in Fields
15.Plasma State
16.Waves in Fluid Plasma
  • Covers the syllabus of most of the universities in India and abroad.
  • Language is simple and reader friendly.
  • Each topic is evolved from the ground level.
  • Topics are supported by the examples for better and clear understanding.
  • Terms are explained with the help of footnotes, as per need.
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