A Textbook of Engineering Physics
A Textbook of Engineering Physics

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A Textbook of Engineering Physics

This book has been written to meet the requirement of undergraduate students. Although there are several books on Engineering Physics, most of them are bulky and written by foreign authors. Most of these books are not suitable for the students of Indian Universities. The subject matter in this book has been introduced in a very lucid style so that the students may find it interesting. There is profusion of illustrative examples of variety everywhere in the book. These examples are followed by graded sets of exercises.

Unit I. Relativistic Mechanics
Unit II. Interference and Diffraction
Unit III. Polarization and Laser
Unit IV. Electro magnetics and Magnetic Properties and Materials
Unit V. X-rays and Wave Mechanics
Model Papers

  • Spread in five units, the book lucidly explains the concepts of engineering physics.
  • Chapters include tutorials and assignments with answer keys at the end.
  • Includes a lot of illustrative examples for easy understanding
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