A Textbook of Finite Element Analysis
A Textbook of Finite Element Analysis

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A Textbook of Finite Element Analysis

A Textbook of Finite Element Analysis presents detailed finite element formulation for 1D, 2D, 3D trusses, beams, frames, plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric, 3D problems, plates and shell problems. The book includes chapters on solving finite element equations and numerical integration and a chapter on programming finite element method with input and output for different types of problems. Chapters on advanced topics like heat transfer, fluid flow and torsion, finite element software, variational methods, finite elements in dynamics and vibrations, material nonlinearity and geometric nonlinearity have also been dealt with. Most of the chapters include element formulation with worked out examples, exercises and questions.
  1.  Introduction to finite element method
  2.  Steps in finite element method
  3.  Constitutive relations
  4. Principle of virtual work and energy principles
  5. Isoparametric finite element
  6.  Numerical integration
  7. Solution of finite element equation
  8.  Solid under plane stress condition
  9.  Solid under plane strain condition
  10.  Axisymmetric solids
  11. Three dimensional solid
  12. Truss and beam finite element
  13. Plate finite element
  14. Variational methods
  15. Heat transfer, fluid flow and torsion
  16.  Finite elements in dynamics and vibration
  17. Shell finite elements
  18. Programming finite element method
  19. Finite element analysis software packages 20. Material nonlinearity Index.
• Isoparametric formulation 
• Solution of finite element equations
• Programming finite element method.
• Advance topics 
• CD-ROM containing source codes in FORTRAN, input files and output files.


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