A Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry
A Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry

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A Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry

This book is meant for undergraduate students of pharmacy, and for those who have medicinal chemistry as a part of their course curriculum. This book emphasizes the fundamentals of medicinal chemistry, various classifications, drug synthesis, drug action and their pharmacological uses with recent development of various classes of drugs. Latest developments in the field of medicinal chemistry have been incorporated. Thus, it would be beneficial to the readers to extend knowledge in respect of several known classes of drug molecules. Salient features 1- Detailed coverage of design and developmental aspects of drugs for major common medical conditions along with their mechanism of action in relation to physiology and anatomy 2- Crisp treatment foundational aspects of medicinal chemistry which includes chemical, biological and physical properties of medicinal compounds in various stages, receptors and prodrugs, agents involved, classification of medicinal compounds, synthesizing mechanisms and so on 3- Profuse use of diagrams of chemical/biochemical structures and schematic flowcharts to illustrate text describing forms and processes in medicinal chemistry 4- Dedicated chapter on Heterocyclic Chemistry considering its importance in the study of medicinal chemistry 5- End-of-chapter exercises for students to check their level of knowledge.
1. Physical Chemical Factors and Biological Properties 
2. Autonomic Nervous System Cholinergic Drugs and Adrenergic Agents 
3. General Anaesthetics 
4. Local Anaesthetics 
5. Sedative and Hypnotics 
6. Opioid Analgesics 
7. Anticonvulsant Agents 
8. Antiparkinsonism Agents 
9. Central Nervous System Stimulants 
10. Antipsychotic Drugs 
11. Antidepressant Drugs 
12. Antianxiety Drugs 
13. Skeletal Muscle Relaxants 
14. Neuromuscular Blocking Agents 
15. General Consideration of Heterocyclic Chemistry Concept References 
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