A Textbook of Microeconomics
A Textbook of Microeconomics

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A Textbook of Microeconomics

Microeconomics: Text and Cases focuses on explaining all the important concepts of Microeconomics keeping in view the syllabus of various universities and management institutes. The book will be of immense help for the students of MBA, MBE, M.Com, MA (Economics), BBA, BCom (Hons), BBM, BBE, LLB (Hons) and the like courses. Extensive use of tables, flowcharts, mathematical functions, equations, and diagrams has been made to facilitate the learning of the readers. The pedagogical features such as outlines of the chapter, learning objectives, summary, and review questions have been also been included. Numerous examples have been included for easy comprehension of the subject matter. In addition to this, the economic relationships have been explained in the boxes to promote understanding in short span of time. Lastly, inclusion of case studies has been done to ensure better understanding of concepts and to stimulate innovative thinking of readers.
1. Introduction to Economics 
2. Applied Economics: Business Economics 
3. Market Equilibrium, Risk and Profit Analysis 
4. Demand Analysis 
5. Price Elasticity of Demand 
6. Elasticities of Demand other than Price 
7. Supply Analysis 
8. Elasticity of Supply 
9. Demand Forecasting 
10. Theory of Consumer Behaviour: Cardinal Utility Analysis 
11. Theory of Consumers Behaviour: Ordinal Utility Analysis 
12. Theory of Production and Short-Run Production Analysis 
13. Isoquant Approach and Long Run Production Analysis 
14. Introduction to the Theory of Costs 
15. Price and Output Decisions Under Perfect Competition 
16. Price and Output Decisions Under Monopoly 
17. Price and Output Decisions under Monopolistic Competition 
18. Price and Output Decisions Under Oligopoly 
19. Income Distribution and Factor Pricing 
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