A Textbook of Plant Pathology
A Textbook of Plant Pathology

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A Textbook of Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology is a comprehensively compiled work and contains fundamental facts and aspects of plant pathology. It will serve as an introduction to plant pathology for the beginners in this field.  The text includes about 50 diseases in all crop plants giving details of symptoms, disease cycle and control measures. The book is divided into two parts, namely, Principles of plant pathology and important plant diseases in crops. Principles of plant pathology include history of plant pathology, symptoms of plant diseases, epidemiology and forecasting of plant diseases, host-parasite inter-relationships and their interactions, effect of climatic conditions on plant diseases, physiologic specialization, defence mechanism, methods of studying plant diseases, principles of plant disease control.
Some diseases caused in different crop plants like cereals, pulses, vegetables, oilseeds, fibre crops, spices, condiments, fruits, sugarcane, tea, coffee and tobacco etc. are discussed in detail. Every disease discussed consists of causal organism, symptoms, disease cycle, breeding, disease-resistant varieties and chemical control methods. The book also includes a list of periodicals on plant pathology and that of plant pathology institutes the world over.

1.History of Plant Pathology  
2.Significance of Plant Pathology   
3.Host-Pathogen Relationships (Pathogenesity) 
4.Classification of Plant Diseases and Principles of Plant Pathology  
5.Genetics of Pathogenisity  
6.Chemotherapy of Plant Diseases 
8.Viral Diseases 
9.Bacteria and Bacterial Diseases  
10.Plant Galls 
11.Plant Diseases 
12.Fungi — Type Study 
13.Classification of Fungi 
14.Introduction to Fungi 
15.Important Questions 
16.Ecology, Economic Importance and Fungal Biotechnology



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