A Textbook on Analog Systems and Applications
A Textbook on Analog Systems and Applications

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A Textbook on Analog Systems and Applications

This book covers all the aspects of analog systems and their applications. This book will help students to understand “how and why” some particular semiconductor compounds are used in various applications and why they are called the backbone of the electronics industry along with the applications of basic linear integrated circuits. 

The book, divided into 15 chapters, starts with the concepts of formation energy bands in solids and semiconductors followed by the applications of two terminal devices. Separate chapters on bipolar junction transistors, their configurations, various biasing techniques and stabilization circuits. The feedback amplifiers and oscillators using BJT, and linear and non-linear applications amplifiers are also covered.


  • Systematically builds up the basic concepts and circuit analysis using appropriate mathematical treatment.
  • Solved examples and exercises
  • Concepts, theory, working and applications of basic linear integrated circuits


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