Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

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Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems (ADDS) are delivery systems which are based on the principles of novel drug delivery systems and use the latest and most advanced technologies. They are meant to deliver the drug in a controlled or modulated way within the tissue or cells and aimed at safe and effective medication. They help in delivering drug levels in the body by reducing the toxicity and delivering the drug effectively at the desired site of action. The main advantage of ADDS is its versatility and capability to make the drugs more bioavailable. Therapeutic efficacy and safety profile of drugs can be improved by more precise spatial and temporal placement in the body compartment, resulting in reduction in dose frequency. Divided in eleven chapters, the book broadly deals with:   advanced drug delivery systems   preformulating studies experimental design basic experimental procedures in advanced drug delivery systems delivery systems designed for different routes of drug administration
1. Advanced Drug Delivery Systems 
2. Preformulation Studies: An Essential Tool for Formulation Development 
3. Experimental Design 
4. Basic Experimental Procedures in Advance Drug Delivery Systems 
5. Oral Drug Delivery 
6. Buccal Drug Delivery 
7. Transdermal Drug Delivery 
8. Opthalmic Drug Delivery 
9. Nasal Drug Delivery 
10. Vaginal Drug Delivery 
11. Miscellaneous 
  • Caters to the needs of B. Pharm. Final year & M. Pharm. 
  • Pharmaceutical/industrial pharmacy Conforms to the new syllabus prescribed 
  • Facilitates practical understanding of novel drug delivery system 
  • Covers basic, practical and theoretical aspects pertaining to major routes of drug delivery 
  • Practicals covered in the book can be carried out with minimum facilities 
  • Supplementary information has been provided in the form of appendices
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