Advances in Biological Control Pest Management Technology
Advances in Biological Control Pest Management Technology

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Advances in Biological Control Pest Management Technology

In modern crop cultivation, biological control is used primarily for controlling insect pests. The main advantages of biocontrol technology or biological control are that no artificial substances are added and that pathogens/animals that develop resistance against biological control agents are rare. This approach has no adverse effects on human health or the environment and is self-sustaining.

This is a comprehensive, authentic, and standard book on advances in biological control pest management technology, divided in fifteen chapters which deal with significance and importance of biological control in insect pest management, history of biological control, and why do we need it.

This book has been crafted to accomplish the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students of global universities in integrated nematode pest management technology.

• Significance and Importance of Biological Control in Insect Pest Management
• The History of Biological Control
• Why Do We Need: Biological Control in Pest Management Technology
• Benefits and Risks of Biological Control in Pest Management
• Biological Control: Needs Understanding Public Perceptions
• Importation of Natural Enemies and Biological Control Programmes
• Banker Plants: A Sustainable System for Natural Enemy Enhancement in Protected Cultivation Against Sap Feeders
• An Insight into Egg Parasitoid Trichogramma spp. as a Successful Bioagent
• Challenges and Opportunities: Natural Biocontrol of Crop Pests and Agricultural Model Systems
• Biological Control, Current Issues, and Solutions: Regulations Concerning Environmental Risk
• Biological Control: A Key Feature of Integrated Pest Management Programmes
• Endophytes: A Potential Biocontrol Tool in Pest Management
• Entomopathogenic Nematodes‑Pest Interaction: A Broad Perspective
• Antagonistic Plants and Botanicals: As an Integration Tool in Plant Nematode Biological Management Technology
• Biological Control is an Important Part of Integrated Pest Management Strategies

  • Comprehensive coverage of all major aspects of the subject.
  • Traditional and modern practices in advances in integrated nematode pest management technology.
  • Abundant pictures, diagrams, and tables supplement the text.


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