Agriculture Diversification
Agriculture Diversification

Tags: Agriculture Diversification, Earth and Environmental Sciences, A.K. Sharma, Seema Wahab

Agriculture Diversification

Poverty continues to persist in many countries throughout the world despite improvements in the global trade regime and significant enhancement in agricultural productivity through the green revolution technologies. To achieve the millennium goal of halving poverty by 2015, these people should be provided with alternative production opportunities that can generate new employment and enhance incomes. Data from several countries reviewed in this study confirm that agricultural diversification can contribute to this.
In a scenario of shrinking land and depleting water resources, the challenge of the new millennium is to increase biological yields to feed the ever-growing population without destroying the ecological foundation. It is thus important-not to package this challenge as a demand or imposition on farmers, for which they would bear the cost, but as a necessity and methodology to also sustain their welfare.
This book deals with different practices in agriculture diversification. Care has been taken to include applied aspects and present scenario of different practices necessary for agriculture to the diversification. The book will be of use to the students, researchers and progressive farmers.

1. Agricultural Diversification: Problems and Prospects
2. Diversification under Different Agro-Ecosystem
 3. Role of Transfer of Technology in Sustainable Agriculture Development
4. Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Sustainability of Agriculture
5. Fungal Biocontrol Agents (BCAS) and their Metabolites
6. Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture
7. Role of Mycorrhiza as Biofertilizer in Agriculture
8. Forage Crops in Agriculture Diversification: Managing Fertilizer use in Forage
    Cultivation Diversification with Special Emphasis on Rice Varietal Adoption
9. Agroforestry for Biodiversity Conservation
10. Floriculture — A Preposition for Diversification
11. Agriculture Diversification: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
12. Protected Vegetable Cultivation
13. Biodiversity for the Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands
14. Aquaculture Status and Strategies
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