Aircraft Instrumentation and Systems
Aircraft Instrumentation and Systems

Tags: Aircraft Instrumentation and Systems, Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering

Aircraft Instrumentation and Systems

Aircraft Instrumentation and Systems has the adequate coverage to deal generally the topics for undergraduate course on Aircraft Instrumentation. It covers: An introduction to aircraft instruments and systems, Air data systems and air data computers, Navigation systems, Gyroscopic flight instruments, Engine instruments, Electronics flight instrument systems, Safety and warning systems. Every effort has been done to update the contents of the book to the present-day technology used in modern transport category aircraft manufactured by Boeing and Airbus industry. The text is profusely illustrated with block diagrams, schematic diagrams and a number of tables and glossary. Review questions have been included at the end of the each chapter for practice and self-study. 
The book is intended for teaching and study the topic for students of B.E., M.E. and students in Instrumentation Technology and Aircraft Engineering. It also introduces the subject to practising engineers and readers interested in aircraft instrumentation and to the flight crew.

• Basics of Aircraft
• Aircraft instruments-Types and Cockpit  Layout
• Air data Instruments 
• Directional Systems
• Gyroscopic and Advanced Flight Instruments
• Engine Instruments-Power and Thrust 
• Engine Fuel Indicators
• Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)
• Aircraft Navigation Systems 
• Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
• Airborne Radars
• Flight Management Systems (FMS)
• Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS/ATN) and Future Air
  Navigation (FAN) 
• Black Boxes (Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight data Recorder)
• Aircraft Safety and warning Systems
• Electronic Warfare (EW)

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