Alternate & Innovative Construction Systems for Housing
Alternate & Innovative Construction Systems for Housing

Tags: Alternate & Innovative Construction Systems for Housing, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, BMTPC

Alternate & Innovative Construction Systems for Housing

Now is the high time to adopt new construction technologies to fast track and improve the quality of civil constructions. We have to identify innovative housing technologies which are cost effective, speedier, sustainable and disaster-resilient and ensure a higher quality of construction of houses, meeting diverse geo-climatic conditions and desired functional needs. In order to mainstream these new systems in the construction sector there is need to create an enabling eco-system to facilitate field level applications. The National Building Code of India has also made provisions to ensure utilization of a number of new/alternative building materials and technologies in the construction sector. Promotion of awareness and extension efforts on new technologies are the key aspects to create an eco-system for usage of these technologies. Therefore, in order to familiarise and create awareness amongst building professionals about the new and emerging building materials and technologies for housing and building construction, the need of the hour today is to introduce a Certificate Course on Innovative Construction Technologies. To start any new course, it is necessary to develop the course contents and reading material. As regards, innovative systems, information is available in bits and pieces and there are no textbooks available summarizing all these systems. Therefore, information from various resources has been collected and compiled in concise form to develop this reading material by BMTPC, SPA and resource persons from CPWD, IITs and CSIR laboratories. It is a collection of technical information available on technologies worldwide and it is the first of its kind on the subject. We are sure, it will help the readers to comprehend these innovative systems and implement them in their future construction projects.
1.Introduction to Alternate & Innovative Construction Systems 
2. Alternate & Innovative Construction Systems Explained 
3. Formwork Systems 
4. Stay-in-Place Formwork Systems 
5. Precast Sandwich Panel Systems 
6. Prefabricated Steel & Light Gauge Steel Structural Systems 
7. Precast Concrete Construction Systems Bibliography Index


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