Analysis of Linear Control System
Analysis of Linear Control System

Tags: Analysis of Linear Control System, Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, R.L. Narasimham

Analysis of Linear Control System

This book provides an up-to-date information on a number of important topics in control systems engineering.
1. Introduction to Control Systems.
2. Mathematical Models of Physical Systems. 
3. Time Response Analysis of Control Systems.
4. Control System Component.
5. Stability of Control Systems.
6. Root Locus Techniques.
7. Frequency Response Analysis of Control Systems. 
8. State Variable Representation of Dynamic Systems.
9. Design and Compensation of Control Systems.
10. Objective Questions with Answers.
  • Introduce P-I-D controllers in time-response analysis of control systems
    including steady-state error and static error constants. 
  • Emphasis on control system components including, sensors, amplidyne,
    stepper motor including magnetic amplifiers. 
  • Emphasis the frequency domain design methods using Root Locus and Nyquist
    /Bode/Nicholas Plots.
  • Designed stability of control system is a new direction which is not found in
    any other similar books. 
  • State variable representation of dynamic system are presented with linear
    algebra concepts.
  • Design and compensation techniques dealt largely on Root Locus lag and Bode
    Plot lag compensation techniques


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