Analytics in Operations/Supply Chain Management
Analytics in Operations/Supply Chain Management

Tags: Analytics in Operations/Supply Chain Management, Business and Economics, Operations and Decision Sciences, Muthu Mathirajan, Chandrasekharan Rajendran, Sowmyanarayanan Sadagopan, Arunachalam Ravindran

Analytics in Operations/Supply Chain Management

Efficient and effective Operations/Supply Chain Management forms the key functional area in defining an organizations success in todays competitive global environment. This Symposium Proceedings focuses on the role of Analytics in Operations /Supply Chain Management, particularly in the context of multi criteria decision making. It highlights emerging concepts and potential applications in descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics fields. The 46 articles presented in the proceedings are from over 100 contributors from academics and industry. These 46 articles are classified into 6 groups based on the main theme of the respective studies. These groups are: (1) Analytics for Operations Strategy; (2) Analytics for Performance Analysis; (3) Analytics for Resource Planning/Allocation; (4) Analytics for Sequencing and Scheduling; (5) Analytics for Product/Process Management; and (6) Supply Chain Analytics.
Part I - Analytics for Operations Strategy 
Part II - Analytics for Performance Evaluation 
Part III - Analytics for Resource Planning/Allocation 
Part IV - Analytics for Sequencing and Scheduling 
Part V - Analytics in Product/Process Management 
Part VI - Supply Chain Analytics.


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