Applied Thermodynamics, 7th Ed
Applied Thermodynamics, 7th Ed

Tags: Applied Thermodynamics, Aeronautical Engineering

Applied Thermodynamics, 7th Ed

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Applied Thermodynamics deals with engineering systems and devices which are designed using the laws and principles of basic engineering thermodynamics and deliver power output, pressure rise, kinetic energy rise, thrust, cooling and heating effects depending upon the use of systems and devices under operation.

Starting with review of basic engineering thermodynamics, the book goes on to discuss steam generators including draft needed and performance, steam engines, internal combustion engines and their testing and performance, positive displacement and dynamic compressors, nozzles and diffusers, steam turbines, condensers and cooling towers, gas turbines and their components, jet propulsion, lubrication, nuclear engineering; and combined, co-generation, and mixed cycle power plants.

The book is suitable as Text for B.E/ B. Tech of Mechanical, Production, and Aeronautical Engineering students appearing in university, UPSC and GATE examinations.


An exhaustive treatment of theory and design aspects with the diagrammatic presentations had been attempted throughout the book.

Case studies of real systems has been discussed.

A summary of formulae has been given at the end of each chapter. 

A large number of typical and real-life problems in each chapter.   


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