Basic Communication and Information Engineering
Basic Communication and Information Engineering

Tags: Basic Communication and Information Engineering, Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, B. Somanathan Nair, S.R. Deepa

Basic Communication and Information Engineering

The present book is meant for the first-year students of various universities. Engineering educationists feel that first-year students of all disciplines must have an elementary and general idea about various branches of electronics. Spread in sixteen chapters, the book broadly discusses:
• NPN and PNP transistors
• Principles of amplifiers and oscillators
• Principles of analog integrated circuits
• Fabrications of ICs
• Radio communication
• Radar and navigational aids
• Optical communication
• Data-communication principles
• Internet Technology
• Construction, and principles of operation of junction
• Theory of electronic oscillators
• Digital integrated circuits
• Electronic measuring instruments and systems
• Principles of colour television
• Satellite communication systems
• Computer architecture
• Mobile communication


1. Bipolar Junction Transistors
2. Field-Effect Transistors
3. Amplifiers and Oscillators
4. Integrated Circuits
5. Digital Integrated Circuits
6. Integrated-Circuit Fabrication
7. Measurements
8. Radio Communication
9. Colour Television
10. Radar and Navigation
11. Satellite Communication
12. Optical Communication
13. Computer Architecture
14. Data Communication
15. Mobile Telephony
16. Internet Technology

• 300 figures to support various explanations
• 315 short-answer questions
• Numerical problems with answers.
• 590 one-word questions (with answers)
• 125 review questions


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