Basic Electrical Science & Technology
Basic Electrical Science & Technology

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Basic Electrical Science & Technology

This book provides an overview of the basics of electrical engineering that are required at the undergraduate level. The subject's complexity level has been kept to a minimal to make it easier for students to comprehend the fundamentals. It provides unparalleled overview of the whole spectra of all significant subjects. The reading is made more engaging by the extensive use of images, examples, and exercises that correspond with the chapter's progressive growth.

Part I: Electrical Engineering

• Basic Concepts of Currents

• D.C. Circuits

• D.C. Circuits Theorems

• Chemical Effect of Current or Battery

• Capacitance

• Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetism

• A.C. Fundamentals

• A.C. (1 - ɸ) Series Circuits

• Parallel A.C. Circuits

• 3 - ɸ A.C. Circuits

• Transients

• Power Factor

Part II: Electrical Machine

• 1 - ɸ Induction Motor or F.H.P Motors

• D.C. Generator

• D.C. Motor

• Single-Phase Transformer

• Three – Phase Transformer

• Three-Phase Induction Motor

• Alternator or Synchronous Generator

• Synchronous Motor

Part III: Measuring Instrument

• Electrical Measuring Instruments

Part IV

• Power Generation

• Economic of Generation (Power Plant Economics)

• Electrical Installation

• Tutorials


• The book has been written in a lucid language.

• Entire course curriculum for all Indian universities is covered.

• Numerical problems have been solved in a way that makes it simple for students to comprehend the theoretical portion.

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