Basic System Analysis
Basic System Analysis

Tags: Basic System Analysis, Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, I.U. Khan, Jaishri Panjwani

Basic System Analysis

This book deals with properties and classification of Basic System Analysis. The several chapters introduce the important principles and properties of Fourier Transform (Continuous time ), Laplace Transform, Z-Transform, Fourier series, linear time invariant (LTI) systems, Convolution etc.This subject covers basic concepts required for Digital signal processing, Communication systems, Networks and similar subjects. This book is being written, keeping average and below average student in mind. Difficult topics are to be simplified for an easy to understand language. To get the edge in competitive market, we are including Objective type questions with answers, Questions bank with answers (Question bank includes important questions). This book consists of five chapters in all and covers the complete syllabus of Basic System Analysis of Technical University. It also covers the major portion of the syllabus of other university. We have also added Model question papers in the end of the book. Features of the book: Comprehensive treatment of the following topics; Continuous time Fourier series Continuous time Fourier Transform Laplace Transform is discussed in detailed with their properties.  Devoted to Z-transform and its use in signals and systems analysis. Solution of Previous year question papers of U.P.Technical University. Covers 100% syllabus of Technical University and a major portion of syllabus of other universities.  More than 400 worked out examples and more than 100 assignment problems with answers are given. Objective type questions with answers, Questions bank with answers (Question bank includes important questions) are included.  Large number of illustrative diagrams and solved examples for better understanding.
Unit 1: Introduction to Continuation time Signals and Systems 
Unit 2: Fourier Series and Fourier Transform 
Unit 3: Laplace Transform Analysis
Unit 4: State Variable Analysis 
Unit 5: Z-Transform 
Model Question Paper 
  • With its coverage and emphasis, the book perfectly fits in as a first course in signals and systems and other related courses. 
  • A lot of solved problems are included in chapters with unsolved problems at the end of each chapter. 
  • Profusely illustrated with line drawings for better understanding of the subject matter. Provides model question papers and appendices further detailing the trigonometric relations, derivatives and integration, series expansion, Fourier transform relations, Laplace transform relations, and Z-transform relations.


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