Bioethics and Biosafety
Bioethics and Biosafety

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Bioethics and Biosafety

Biosafety deals with prevention of large scale loss of biological integrity focusing both on ecology and human health. It is related to several fields such as ecology, agriculture, medicine, chemistry and ecobiology. Bioethics is the philosophical study of the ethical controversies brought about by advances in biology and medicine. It is concerned with the ethical questions that arise in the relationships among life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, politics, law, philosophy and theology. It is concerned with the nature of life and death, the kind of life to be considered worth living, what constitutes murder, how people in very painful circumstances should be treated, what are the responsibilities of one human being to others, and other such living organisms. The book has been divided in 28 chapters. It is an integrated approach to encompassing information on different aspects of bioethics and biosafety and their applications in biotechnology. Simple, clearly understandable illustrations, correct and up to date informations are the main features of this book. The book is intended not only for undergraduate and postgraduate students of biotechnology, genomics and related sciences, but is also aimed to draw attention of policy makers and teachers at national and international levels to the possible approaches in the field of biotechnology.
1.Introduction to Bioethics and Biosafety 
2.Human Genome Project and its Ethical Issues 
3.Molecular Detection of Pre-Symptomatic Genetic Diseases and its Importance 
 in Healthcare 
4. Prenatal Diagnosis Genetic Manipulations and their Ethical Issues 
5.Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Human Genome Project 
6 Genetics Studies on Ethnic Races 
7.Biosafety Guidelines and Regulations 
8.Legal and Socio-economic Impacts of Biotechnology 
9.Use of Genetically Modified Organisms and their Release in the Environment 
10. Hazardous Materials used in Biotechnology their Handling and Disposal 
11. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) 
12. Public Education of Producing Transgenic Organisms 
13. Intellectual Property Rights and Agricultural Technology, and their Implications
    for India and other Developing Countries 
14.International Organizations and Intellectual Property Rights 
15.Introduction to Patent and Process Involved in Patenting 
16.Patenting Living Organisms 
17.Traditional Knowledge, Commercial Exploitation, and Protection 
18.Bioethics in Biodiversity and Resource Management 
19.Ethical Issues in Genetically Modified Organisms: Foods and Crops 
20. Labeling of Genetically Modified Food and Crops 
21.Stem Cell Research, Applications of Stems Cells and Ethical Issues Involved in Stem Cell Research and Use 
22.Use of Animals in Research and Testing, and Alternatives for Animals in Research 23.Animal Cloning, Human Cloning and their Ethical Aspects 
24.Testing of Drugs on Human Volunteers 
25.Organ Transplantation and Ethical Issues 
26.Public and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Participation in Biosafety and Protection of Biodiversity 
27.Indian Biodiversity Act. Glossary of Terms / Appendix.
  • Covers the topics in depth from basic and deals with the key subject areas. 
  • Takes a broader view of the earlier and current situation indifferent countries. 
  • Gives the uses and their ethical aspects of the different technological development
    made in the biotechnology fields. 
  • Covers new developments in wider areas of biotechnology and its applications
    to mankind. 
  • Deals with aspects of the Bioethics and Biosafety protocols and their implements. 
  • Briefs the Indian Biodiversity Act.
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