Bond Graph in Modeling, Simulation and Fault Identification
Bond Graph in Modeling, Simulation and Fault Identification

Tags: Bond Graph in Modeling, Simulation and Fault Identification, Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, Amalendu Mukherjee, Ranjit Karmakar

Bond Graph in Modeling, Simulation and Fault Identification

Bond graphs have become a part of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula at IITs and engineering institutes. Many industries, organizations, universities and academic institutions have included bond graphs in their research, development and design activities. In recent years, the range of applications of bond graphs has enhanced owing to sustained research in this field. The present book is an outcome of the authors'' teaching System-modeling, Dynamics and Control through bond graphs for the last 15 years. It is organised into 16 chapters and is narrative in style to make it easily comprehensible to the students. Each chapter is appended with a set of problems divided into two groups; problems to be solved by students for usual practice and project-type problems.
2.Notion of Causality 
3.Creation of System Equations 
4.Creation of System Bond graph 
5.Use of Noninertial Coordinates 
6.Systems with Non-potential Fields 
7.Structural Members 
8.Modeling of Multibody Systems 
9.Multi Bond graphs 
10.Modeling of Thermal Systems 
11.Hydraulic Systems 
12.Approaching Control Systems 
13.Control Strategies in Physical Domains 
14.Modeling of Electronic Circuits 
15.Fault Detection and Isolation 
16.Examples of Modeling and Simulation Appendix: SYMBOLS software overview Bibliography
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