Building Materials
Building Materials
Building Materials
Building Materials
Building Materials
Building Materials

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Building Materials

Building Materials imparts in-depth knowledge to the students about the subject. It deals with all the relevant information regarding Stones, Bricks and Tiles, Lime, Cement, Aggregates, Mortar and Concrete, Timber, Metals, Paint and Varnish, Bituminous Products, and Miscellaneous Materials. The illustrations and sketches of the materials and techniques have been included as per relevant Indian standards. Suitable concrete mix design techniques have been illustrated with appropriate examples. An exclusive chapter has been included on the utilization of waste materials in construction. The material characterization techniques generally used by the engineers have been discussed with suitable illustrations to provide basic knowledge. Sufficient number of questions are given at the end of each chapter to enable the students to prepare for the examinations.

1. Stones 
2. Bricks and Tiles
3. Lime 
4. Cement
5. Aggregates
6. Mortar and Concrete  
7. Timber  
8. Metals
​9. Paint and Varnish
10. Bituminous Products
11. Miscellaneous Materials
12. Use of Waste in Construction and Material Characterization

• Thorough understanding of construction materials.
• Knowledge of designing concrete mix.
• Utilization of waste materials in construction.
• Material characterization using X-ray diffraction and SEM techniques.
• Illustrations containing the photographs/figures.


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