Building with Stabilized Mud
Building with Stabilized Mud

Tags: Building with Stabilized Mud, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, K.S. Jagadish

Building with Stabilized Mud

Building construction using stabilized mud (soil) has been in vogue in different parts of the world for nearly six decades. However, the desirable practices have not been placed on a firm footing due to sporadic nature of the constructions. The situation is complicated due to the highly variable nature of soil as a construction material. This monograph is an attempt to summarise the best practices for the use of stabilized mud. It is essentially based on the experiences at ASTRA (Application of Science and Technology to Rural Areas) and Dept. of Civil Engineering. Indian Institute of Science, for more than three decades.
2.Selection Materials 
3.Compaction of Soils 
4.The Mud Block Press: Mardini 5.The Process of Block Manufacture 
6.Maintenance of the Mud Block Press: mardini 
7.Evaluation of Stabilized Mud Blocks 
8.Wall Construction with Stabilized Mud Blocks 
9. Cost Analysis of Stabilized Mud Block Walls 
10.Building with Unstabilized Mud 
11.Alternatives in Stabilized Block 
12.Rammed Earth 
13.Spread of Stabilized Mud Construction in Karnataka and India.
  • It attempts to summarize the best practices for the use of stabilized mud in building construction. 
  • The processes of selection of materials, compaction, manufacture of mud blocks, and maintenance have been explained well, along with diagrams. 
  • Includes collection of 15 pictures at the end of the book for visual reference.


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