Chemistry: A Textbook
Chemistry: A Textbook
Chemistry: A Textbook
Chemistry: A Textbook

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Chemistry: A Textbook

This book focuses on Fundamental chemistry concepts, from unlocking the vast amount of information contained within the periodic table and how atoms combine to form chemical bonds, to the different ways in which atoms and molecules interact.
Chemistry: A Textbook aims to provide the reader with the basic vocabulary and language through the understanding of the fundamental chemical principles and concepts.
Divided in six highly readable and understandable chapters, this book covers the fundamental concepts and principles of chemistry. Visual Information Boxes provide simple visual summaries of the text. Great emphasis is placed on acquiring the 150 words required to have a basic knowledge of chemistry. Vital Vocabulary is highlighted in bold and redefined in the Vital Vocabulary Builder found at the end of each chapter.
“Addition learning resources to complement the book is available at:”.

1.The Chemical Alphabet
2.Chemical Bonding: Spelling & Naming Chemicals
3.The Grammar of Chemical Equations
4.Chemistry & Numbers
5.Reading the Periodic Table
6.Organic Chemistry

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