Common Seaweeds of India
Common Seaweeds of India

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Common Seaweeds of India

India has a coastline of more than 7000 km and an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) over 2 million km2. 
A total of 770 species of seaweeds have been reported from different parts of the Indian coasts which includes 184 species of green, 166 species of brown and 420 species of red (Sahoo et al., 2001). 
Unlike the oriental countries like Japan, China, Korea, etc. 
India does not have a long history about the uses of seaweeds as food and various other purposes. 
However, in recent years a lot of interests have been generated by the industries, academia and researchers in the field of seaweeds research and utilization. 
One of the most difficult job in this area is the identification of various species. 
This book deals with identification of some of the common seaweeds of Indian coast. 
Only the most suitable specimens are described and illustrated with colour photographs. 
Most of the photographs were taken in the natural habitat, but in some cases herbarium specimens have been used. 
The work is the compilation of the author’s field studies of more than two decades. 
Common Seaweeds of India will be useful to teachers, researchers, students, industries and many others in identifying the common seaweeds.





Lakshadweep Islands and Diu

Andaman Islands

Tamil Nadu

Andhra Pradesh


West Bengal

Substratum for Seaweeds


Monostroma oxyspermum

Enteromorpha compressa

Enteromorpha intestinalis

Enteromorpha flexuosa 

Enteromorpha prolifera

Ulva fasciata

Ulva lactuca

Ulva reticulata

Chaetomorpha antennina

Chaetomorpha crassa

Chaetomorpha linum

Cladophora glomerata 

Boodlea composita

Boergesenia forbesii

Valonia utricularis

Caulerpa microphysa

Caulerpa fastigiata

Caulerpa racemosa

Caulerpa peltata 

Caulerpa sertularioides

Caulerpa scalpelliformis

Caulerpa serrulata

Codium dwarkense

Codium decorticatum

Halimeda gracilis 

Halimeda macroloba

Halimeda opuntia

Halimeda tuna

Udotea indica

Neomeris annulata

Acetabularia calyculus


Ectocarpus simpliciusculus

Dictyopteris australis

Dictyopteris woodwardia

Dictyota bartayresiana

Dictyota dichotoma

Dictyota pinnatifida

Lobophora variegata

Padina boergesenii

Padina tetrastromatica

Spatoglossum asperum

Stoechospermum marginatum

Levringia boergesenii

Colpomenia sinuosa

Hydroclathrus clathratus

Iyengaria stellata

Cystoseira indica

Cystoseira myrica

Hormophysa cuneiformis

Sargassum cristaefolium 

Sargassum cinereum

Sargassum johnstonii

Sargassum linearifolium

Sargassum swartzii

Sargassum tenerrimum

Sargassum wightii

Turbinaria conoides

Turbinaria decurrens

Turbinaria ornata

Turbinaria triquetra

Turbinaria turbinata


Porphyra vietnamensis

Porphyra kanyakumariensis

Porphyra suborbiculata

Porphyra chauhanii

Scinaia carnosa

Scinaia moniliformis

Liagora albicans

Ahnfeltia plicata

Gelidium pusillum

Gelidiella acerosa

Gracilaria corticata

Gracilaria  corticata var. cylindrica

Gracilaria crassa

Gracilaria edulis

Gracilaria eucheumatoides

Gracilaria foliifera 

Gracilaria verrucosa

Gracilariopsis megaspora

Asparagopsis taxiformis

Cryptonemia undulata

Grateloupia filicina

Grateloupia indica

Grateloupia lithophila

Halymenia dilatata

Halymenia porphyraeformis

Halymenia venusta

Portieria hornemannii 

Amphiroa anceps

Amphiroa fragilissimaCorallina berteroi 

  • India haIndia has a coastline of more than 7000 km and an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) over 2 million km2.
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