Communication Systems 2nd edition
Communication Systems 2nd edition

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Communication Systems 2nd edition

Communication is an integral part of everyone’s life. The subject of communication systems includes all types of communication that are prevalent today. Communication is the study of the fundamental concepts and principles related to transferring reception, and processing of information between locations.

The new edition of Communication Systems is a valuable resource for all electronics and computer engineering graduates. The book contains basic concepts on Analog Communication and Digital Communication in easy and simple language. Numerical and objective type questions give an additional edge for preparation of semester and competitive exams. This is very important course as far as most of the competitive exams in the field of Electronics and Communication is concerned.

• Preface

• Introduction

• Linear Modulation: Amplitude Modulation

• Angle Modulation

• Noise

• Transmitters and Receivers

• Probability Theory and Random Process

• Pulse Analog Modulation

• Pulse Code Modulation

• Digital Communication

• Multiple-Choice Questions


• A thorough treatment of all the basic concepts related to Analog Communication with due emphasis on derivations and numerical treatment.

• Detailed coverage of all topics related to Analog Communication along with initial topics of Digital Communication also.

• Simple language and explanation.

• Good number of objective type questions for competitive exams.

• Topics are approached from both technical as well procedural perspectives.


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