Computational Electromagnetic Transients
Computational Electromagnetic Transients

Tags: Computational Electromagnetic Transients, Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, R. Ramanujam

Computational Electromagnetic Transients

This book is woven around theory, models, solution methods and simulation techniques evolved for several versions of EMTP for over nearly five decades. However, the focus is on one particular version – Microtran, which is from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Being more than a first level reference, this book does not address topics found in common text books on power system transients. The focus in this book is modeling and simulation algorithms for digital simulation and computation much like emphasis laid in text books for computer-aided load flow, fault and stability studies. This book is unique in the sense that it covers topics not found in common text books on transients. These include:
• Modelling of frequency-dependent lines and cables
• Comprehensive transformer models including saturation
• Nonlinear and time-varying elements
• Detailed models of synchronous and induction machines and associated numerical methods and algorithms
• Case studies which would guide the student in the preparation of the data and interpretation of the results and would help the instructors to create their own examples
This book is suitable for final semesters of the undergraduate program and for post-graduate program and for practicing engineers in power transmission companies.
  • Overview of Modeling for and Simulation of Transients
  • EMTP: Modelling and Simulation Capabilities
  • Parameters and Modeling of Overhead Lines
  • Underground Cables
  • Line and Cable Parameter Evaluation Programs
  • Parameters and Modeling of Transformers
  • Parameters and Modeling of Rotating Alternating Current Machines
  • Selected Solution Methods and Interfacing Techniques in EMTP
  • Examples and Case Studies using EMTP
  • Numerical Methods and Computational Algorithms Relevant to EMTP
  • Index


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