Concept of Modern Physics
Concept of Modern Physics
Concept of Modern Physics
Concept of Modern Physics
Concept of Modern Physics
Concept of Modern Physics

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Concept of Modern Physics

This book is meant for the students of B.E., B. Tech., B.Sc., and A.M.I.E. students. It provides the fundamental concepts of Modern Physics through various applications. It provides step-by-step solutions of topics. A set of solved numericals, theoretical questions and numerical problems at the end of each chapter provides the students to understand each topic clearly. Important topics that have been included are length contraction, variation of mass with velocity, Compton effect, proof of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, complementarity principle and Doppler effect.

1. Theory of Relativity
2. Particle Properties of Matter
3. Wave Properties of Matter
4. Schrödinger’s Equation and Its Simple Applications
5. X-Rays
6. Lasers
7. Structure of Atom
8. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity
9. Study of Real and Ideal Gases

• Explanation of difficult and intricate topics with suitable diagrams.
• Presentation of fundamental concepts of Physics with simplified derivations of important formulae.
• Solved and unsolved numerical problems.
• Includes numerous exercises to understand particular topic so as to build up their problem-solving ability.


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