Concepts of Medicinal Botany
Concepts of Medicinal Botany

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Concepts of Medicinal Botany

The primary objective of this book is to provide history and scientific footage to medicinal plants. Plants have been used as medicine from prehistoric days. Even today, according to World Health Organization approximately 25% of the modern medicines used in the United States are derived from plants. Concepts of Medicinal Botany covers a wide range of medicinal knowledge of plants — from Ayurveda to different systems of medicine like Siddha and Unani. This book covers use of herbal medicines, conservation of medicinal plants, propagation, nursery management, ethnobotany and many more. It also gives detailed information about the plant parts used as medicines and their key phytochemicals. This book will be indispensable for graduate students as well as for those preparing for UPSC and PCS exams (Mains). Researchers working in the field of Medicinal Botany may find this book as an important stepping stone. This book covers newly added skill based CBCS syllabus at graduate level. Based on practical approaches, the book has been written in easy to grasp manner that will prove to be one stop shop for various needs.
1- Plant as Medicine
2. Ayurveda
3. Siddha
4. Unani
5. Conservation of medicinal plants:
6. Different Approaches to Conservation
7. Propagation of Medicinal Plants
8. Drug development stages
9. Application of plant products
10. Institutions, Quality Control and Regulations
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